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What is The Minneapolis Emergency PrepareFair?


The Minneapolis Emergency PrepareFair (MEP) is an event to raise awareness of the important role that downtown businesses, building owners and managers play in preparing for and responding to an emergency.


The MEP is sponsored by the Downtown Emergency Advisory Committee - a unique public/private partnership between the City of Minneapolis, downtown building owners and the Minneapolis Downtown Improvement District.


The ultimate goal of the committee is to ensure those who work or live downtown are knowledgeable of how to respond to an emergency and achieve the highest level of readiness for public safety threats.


The City of Minneapolis, local businesses and organizations have a strong history of working together to improve our community.  Preparations for the Republican National Convention in 2008, the emergency response and recovery during the I-35W bridge collapse in 2007 and the tornado in 2009 are good examples of this collaboration.  These events have all demonstrated the importance of emergency preparedness and collaborative response for the downtown community.


Another example of a successful public-private partnership is the Minneapolis Downtown Improvement District's Safe Zone. In this partnership, local business investments in security cameras, radios and personnel are maximized through a shared network with Minneapolis Police.  For every downtown police officer, there are 13 downtown security guards, so this relationship creates a well-connected network dedicated to public safety.


To ensure that downtown is prepared for any emergency, both individuals and businesses need to be engaged in this process. Everyone should have their own family emergency plan in place, but if they don't has tools that can help.  The Downtown Emergency Advisory Committee is offering planning tools and trainings to help businesses develop a plan from scratch or modify an existing plan. For more information contact Shane Zahn,  Minneapolis Downtown Improvement District, Safe Zone Operations at 612-559-2634 or